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Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman, a world-renowned British illustrator has worked for just about everyone, on just about everything, just about everywhere.

‘Jurassic Park’ publicity art for Stephen Spielberg in Los Angeles, stage-set art for ‘Sunset Boulevard’ for Andrew Lloyd-Weber in Frankfurt. Advertising commissions include ‘Coca Cola’ in Atlanta, videogame illustrations for ‘Nintendo’ in Chicago. ‘Spiderman’  games for MGA in Los Angeles and over the last ten years the aero engine division of Rolls Royce in London has commissioned him to illustrate ‘Flight’ magazine.

He has illustrated countless music album covers including ‘Bomber’ for Motorhead, ‘The meaning of Life’  for the Monty Python team and ‘The Road to Hell’ for Chris Rea.

Chesterman had his first exhibition of paintings at Liberty in Regent Street while still at the Royal College of Art, progressing to exhibitions in the Pompidou center in Paris and Gallerie Schémes in Lille, France, the International Contemporary Art Fair at Olympia, Spinks, Kensington Town Hall, and the BBC center London.



Howard Robinson

Walking through jungles of Africa, Australia... encompassing wildlife into scenic visuals on canvas and digital platforms is the life of Howard Robinson.

Howard Robinson was born in the north east of England in 1959 where he still lives and works.  A world-renowned breeder of both rare birds and Poison Dart Frogs. He has delighted many with his talks at International Finch Conventions in Australia in 2008 & 2014.

Howard enjoys all forms of wildlife and travels all around the globe to study and photograph the world’s most amazing creatures to use as inspirations for his unique paintings. Described as the artistic master of adorable animals, both wild and tame that brim with personality, the kind that makes a person smile. A unique affinity to the creatures, Howard creates is evident in his charming paintings which capture the very essence of his subject matter.

He is like 'Dr. Dolittle in his ability to capture the many wonders of nature and bring them to the homes of children through his bright and colourful images of the natural world which can be found published on so many products worldwide.

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