About Us

Wallscafe™ is a world brand in digitally produced wall murals. The business of Wallscafe is personalizing spaces through wall murals with high resolution legal and licensed digital images by the great artists of the world.

Murals by Wallscafe™ are created with PVC free non-woven fabric as the base material from Europe and sophisticated digital printing technology from Hewlett Packard USA.

Wallscafe™ is the wall mural division of The Great Wall, a luxury wallpaper gallery that houses worlds finest and original wallpapers, since 2102 in Hyderabad, India. The Great Wall and Wallscafe are the initiatives of the founder and CEO Mr. B N Ramgopal, an alumnus of one of the world’s top business schools, the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A). He has over 35 years of rich experience in sales and marketing with Swedish and American multinational companies, managing sales of lifestyle products in India.

The need for personalized wall mural was realized, while working closely with the well-known Architects and Interior designers. They all commonly felt that there is a need among their clients for customizing and personalizing their wall space. However, it demanded an innovative strategy to make murals with the creations by great artists or a photo image be available to customers worldwide in the intricate categories and also on custom made basis.

To reach out to the customers worldwide, Wallscafe™ is trying to involve part of 37% of the Indian or 29% world population, who do not have their income. This population comprises of housewives, students, physically challenged, pension less retired employees from the private sector, not covered by social security etc. Unfortunately, these have to depend on somebody, even for a small financial need. This problem gives rise to engineer a unique program the Earn While You Don’t Work™.

These underprivileged ones become a part of the business of Wallscafe™ without their investment, infrastructure, involvement, and carry risk of any sort. They earn from the customers around the world who use their unique code in their transaction with wallscafe.com as coupon code for getting the product at the coupon price.

Also, the brilliant idea Earn While You Don’t Work™ makes the customers of Wallscafe™ become a part of the business, by offering Privilege Affiliation to them as complimentary. Their Privilege Affiliation to Wallscafe™ helps them earn back the entire cost of their mural to make it free of cost to them and also creating a source for passive income to them under the Earn While You Don’t Work™ program. This is unique in the world!