Anyone can become an affiliate by paying the affiliate as said above. However, there are ways of payment of affiliate fee.
a. One can pay Rs.5000.00 up front and only once and become an affiliate for a lifetime. In this case, the affiliate will get a waiver of Rs.1000.00+GST. In other words, ‘Free Account Set Up’ charges.
b. In this case, one can pay just the account set up fee of Rs.1000.00 + GST and become an affiliate. However, Rs.5000.00 which is being the cost of the affiliate program will be recovered from future earnings by the affiliate.
Once, the affiliate fee received, the company will credit the affiliate remuneration to an affiliates bank account on 5th of every month.
The affiliate of Wallscafe gets a unique code from Wallcafe. Thereby, she or he becomes the owner of a unique code for a lifetime. The affiliate cum the owner of the unique code can appoint a nominee for succeeding him/her in the event of the death of the original affiliate cum code owner. The code gets terminated and it becomes the asset of Wallscafe, once the bank account of the nominee is closed on account of the death of the nominee. Wallscaferetains the right to reallot the code to somebody else at its own descretion.
Who can become an affiliate and what is the role of an affiliate?
Anyone can become an affiliate. (Any age, sex, education, Nationality etc).
The role of the affiliate is to spread the link created by Wallscafe with his unique code by WhatsApp or text message to his contacts on a continuous basis. It is expected that his code to reach about one lakh persons in a matter of six months and about million persons in two years period.
Why should the affiliate do the above task?
Wallscafe  is a unique business in the world of personalising the space. Website of Wallscafe is unique in the world for the following reasons.
1. Wallscafe  has two world-renowned artists on board for reproduction of their work in Asia and The Middle East by Wallscafe exclusively.
2. The reputed and trusted Indian NGO, Smile Foundation is the charity partner with
3. Wallcafe  is the only company creates personalized wall murals and provides professional installation service in more 15000 pin codes in India.
4. Wall murals by Wallscafe are 100% PVC free, eco-friendly and biodegradable.
5. It is a unique business model created for everybody by Wallscafe . Wherein, there is no need for investment, infrastructure, employees, skill, experience etc. Above all, it is legal, licensed and absolutely no risk of losing money, reputation etc. The affiliate has to invest about 30 minutes a week.
6. The affiliate can continue in her/his profession, as it does not demand time, money, efforts, the task of convincing etc.
7. Wallscafe does not offer a discount of any sort on its products in or outside the website. However, the buyer can get the product for a better price only with using the coupon code. So, the higher the reach, a better opportunity to earn.
8. Wallcafe helps you make new friends anywhere in the world. Wallscafe markets and ships its products to over 100 countries in the world.
9. It is impossible to guess, who in the world applies the affiliate’s unique code for getting a better price.
10. The affiliate surely makes money as and when her/his unique code is applied. However, it is impossible to guess how much money one can make? Therefore, Wallscafe does not give you fake figures or hidden conditions. It is a plain and simple method to earn money by doing or investing almost nothing.
Wallscafe, maintains a record of each affiliate to ettletheir earnings through applying of coupon code by ones, who have your coupon code. It is impossible to guess, who holds your coupon code in this world.
The feature in the system captures the coupon code and identifies its owner and gives credit of affiliate income to the account of an affiliate.
Wallscafe, helps its affiliates at its cost with unlimited bulk mailing facility with their unique coupon code in it. In this case, the affiliate has to give the E.mail ids on the particular day of the month to Wallscafe.
Aspirants to become affilaites to visit the website and learn about the products and practice of Wallscafe and figure out the opportunity for themselves.