Our professional installers will be deputed to install your wall mural in the Indian territory only. You will receive their particulars, well before the consignment is delivered to you. The installation charges will be extra @ Rs.15.00 per sft or a minimum charge of Rs.1000.00 per mural. Whichever is highest is applicable. This charge is inclusive of the charges of installation, adhesive and tools. The customer pays the traveling charges and outstation allowances if the site of installation is in the outside of city limits or in another town. As a result, the installer is required to travel to another town or an additional distance. In such cases, the following additional charges will apply. However, the installation charges will remain the same as mentioned above.

  • Actual traveling charges both up and down traveling by bus or train. If the installer uses his own transport, then the traveling charge @ Rs.2.50 per kilo meter traveled up and down for the purpose.
  • Out of city or outstation allowance of Rs.250.00 and Rs.500.00 for half day and full day, respectively.

Please note. Installation service is available only to the customers in the territory of India. However, the international customers to make their own arrangement for installation of their wall mural by Wallscafe.


Wallscafe gives one year warranty on faulty installation. In such situations, the customer has to pay the conveyance/traveling charges to the technician for rectifying the problem. However, the warranty does not cover, in the case of damage caused on account leaking wall, fire, internal or external dampness in the wall and intentional or accidental damage to the wall mural.

Wall mural care

Wall mural by Wallscafe is 100% washable. In case of stains and dirt on the wall mural, use the wet sponge dipped in the soft soap solution and wipe it along the seams. Do not use harsh detergents, chemicals, petrol, spirit etc for cleaning the wall mural by Wallscafe to avoid damage.


The image in the electronic screen may vary from the image in the printed version.