Personalize your space

Many like the idea of personalizing their wall space. It is now possible to personalize your entire wall space with the mural using world-class digital technology. You may pick your choice of image from our huge stock of images well categorized on our website to have your wall space personalized. Alternatively, you may upload your image which meets the technical specification required creating a wall-size mural. You may send your image along with wall dimensions by Email to

Quality of the image.

The quality of the image refers to its resolution, which in turn refers to the number of pixels in a square inch. Ideally, the image quality should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). This resolution is required for a reasonably good quality of mural printing in digital technology by Wallscafe. The image sent by you is found suitable, our team updates you on the same and provides you with preview/ previews of the image for your approval before sending it to production. Therefore you are free from the risk of getting the mural which is not approved by you. Please note. It is a paid service @ Rs.1000.00 per case for an Indian customer and $15 for an international customer, as a minimum charge. The charges may get higher if it demands greater skill and time of the digital artists. In such a case, our team will give you an estimate of the cost of the personalization of your mural for your approval.

Important. Pictures shot from a mobile phone camera are generally not suitable for wall-size murals as they do not support the large format printing. Therefore, upload the pictures shot from a DSLR camera for a good result.

Should you require any more assistance, please call on our helpline numbers