• All murals are custom made as per the customer’s specifications and requirements. Hence, the customer cannot cancel the order or return or ask for a replacement or claim refund under any circumstance. However, the free replacement is allowed only in the case of proven transit damage or mismatch between the ordered and received.
  • Wallscafe reserves its right to reject your order for the production of the image into a wall mural for the following reasons.
    • a.  The image is not from their collection. Unless the customer provides the original and high-resolution image.
    • b. The image provided by the customer is copyrights protected and the customer does not provide the written approval from the original owner of the image/art. 
    • c. The image/art content is objectional. Such as pornography, antisocial, provocative, hurt the religious sentiments of a certain section of the society, etc.
    • d. 
      The Installer can decline to install your mural on your proposed wall. If, he feels that the wall condition is not suitable for installation of the wall mural. In such cases, the customer has to pay him Rs.500.00 towards his cost of time and pay for the actual both way conveyance charges.
    • e. The minimum cover charge is calculated for 32 Square feet for the murals lower than 32 Square feet.